The Pine Lane B.E.A.R. Team needs you!

HEY YOU GUYS!!! Here's an opportunity just for you - Join our PLE B.E.A.R Team! If you are over 18 and would like the opportunity to ensure the safety of our students and be a positive role model for them, then the B.E.A.R team is the place for you! You will get the opportunity to connect with our students in the classroom and during other times throughout the day! In addition, you will be assisting the school administration with patrolling our campus, assisting in school emergency procedures (lockouts, lock-downs, and weather related campus closures), and supporting our staff as needed.

If this sounds like the team for you, then follow the steps below to - Join our PLE B.E.A.R Team!

*Upon completion of steps one and two, the BEAR Team will notify you of the status of your request and let you know when you can schedule your time to serve one on of the PLE Campuses. 

**All Bear Team members are subject to a background check

Step 1:  Complete the B.E.A.R Team Registration Form*

Step 2: Complete the 'DCSD Community Volunteer Form' and submit the form along with a copy of your valid Colorado Driver's License to one of our PLE offices, located on the North and South campuses. *

DCSD Community Volunteer Form aka Background Check Form

Step 3:  Review the online training documents or attend a live event when available

Step 4: Our BEAR Team program is based on the Watch D.O.G.S program.  To find out more about that please watch this video

Step 5: Choose the day(s)that work best for you

B.E.A.R Team Scheduling Form

Note:  You will notified when you can complete this step based on the status of your background check and completion of steps 1 and 2.

Step 6: You are done and thanks for signing up!  If you should have any questions, please free to contact us via email at pinelanebearteam@gmail.com

What to expect after completing the registration process?

Upon completion, you will receive an email from the BEAR Team Coordinator.  This will be a  "Welcome To Team' email, as well as, letting you know you can schedule yourself for either campus.  Once you have schedule yourself, you will receive another email and/or phone call to let you know what you need to do when you show up for your scheduled time.  Also, the school office will be notified of your arrival and be able to assist you with getting the materials you need for the day.  

There are times when our assistance is need in a specific classroom(s) or by other teachers/staff.  If this the case, you will be notified via email if the BEAR team has been requested. 

Once again if you have any questions, please free to contact us via email at  pinelanebearteam@gmail.com


PLE B.E.A.R Team Coordinator


B.E.A.R Team Help Requests
A B.E.A.R. Team Member may be requested to serve in the classroom, on the playground, during lunchtime, help in office, assist staff/admin, etc. Also, we can provide assistance in reading, math or other interactions with the students. Please limit your time to 15 - 30 minute slots (if possible) so that all classrooms can be accommodated. However, if more time is needed then please let us know and we will do our best to make it work. Also, please note that per Teacher request, we ask that you only schedule for the days allotted to your grade listed below. However, if your request is outside your normal day, we will do our best to accommodate you. Thanks!
Mondays: Kindergarten and 4th Grade
Tuesdays: 1st Grade and 5th Grade
Wednesdays: 2nd Grade and 6th Grade
Thursdays: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 4th Grade and 5th Grade
Fridays: 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 6th Grade

Please click on the link below to access the BEAR team request form.
BEAR Team Member Request Form

If you have any questions, please free to contact us!

Pine Lane BEAR Team - pinelanebearteam@gmail.com
BEAR Team Coordinator - Chester Shaw - shaw_chester@yahoo.com

Our BEAR Team is ready to help where needed!

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