Bringing Cheer and Safety to our CREW

What a hectic year it has been and the lead up to school has been no different. As always, we wanted to show the staff at Pine Lane that we care about them and appreciate all that they do for our CREW. As a small token of our appreciation, we put together little Sunshine & Cheer gift baskets for them. They included a few necessities like a Pine Lane face mask, a hand sanitizer bottle, and lotion. However, it was the symbolism of the air plants that was most meaningful in our eyes. Air plants are unique in that you do not plant them in soil. When cared for, they thrive without roots. In an atmosphere where regulations and procedures seem to change daily, it can be hard to not feel uprooted. But what we want everyone to remember is that...

We were fortunate to be approached by one of our Pine Lane alumni, Hayden Goedeker, who wanted to build hands-free hand sanitizer stations for our school as a part of his Eagle Scout project. Hayden pulled this wonderful project together and has delivered 9 stations to PLE. PTO was pleased to be able to help fund this worthwhile and useful project. Thank you to Hayden and his team!

PTO has also purchased Plexiglas partitions for our teacher's desks. We hope everyone feels safe and valued as they return to school.


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