SchoolStore Fundraiser

     Our fundraiser with the SchoolStore is still going on! Please remember to go through to Schoolstore.net every time you purchase things online from these vendors! There are over 400 different stores that are participating. We receive a percentage of every sale! Remind all those friends and family you sent emails to that this little change can make a big difference for our school.
     We have currently earned $822.49 from online purchases during this fundraiser. There is also an option to donate money directly to a specific classroom and this is where things get REALLY IMPRESSIVE. We have had 230 gift card donated to our classrooms for a total of $7,215.00!!!!!! All that money will be used by OUR teachers in ways that will enhance learning for their students. Teachers if you want to start dreaming of what you’ll buy for your classrooms check out caringforclassrooms.org. This is were you can redeem your gift cards.
     The incentive prizes that our students are earning and the gift cards for our teachers will arrive at Pine Lane in the Fall. These things were all slated to be in your hands now, but due to the pandemic changes were necessary.
Thank you for all you do to help our school. We are CREW!

For a full list of participating store and the percentages earned for our school check out
Fundraising 6809512948152963101

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