Fundraiser Delivery

Fundraiser Delivery
Way to go Pine Lane Crew we raised $16,643.20 during our fall fundraiser.  All non-online sales products along with prizes will be delivered to the school on Wednesday 10/24.  If your student sold more than 5 items (not including online items) please plan on stopping by North Campus Gym from 3:00-5:30 PM to pick those items up.  If your student will be attending BASE that day we will deliver your items to BASE, please make sure you take those home.  We do not have the means to store items so please plan to attend or have someone pick up on your behalf. Thank you for supporting this important fundraiser!

*****If you will be picking up your items before 4:00PM, you will need to stop in the office and sign in.  Don’t forget your drivers license if it hasn’t been scanned in the new system

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