Kids Night Out For A Cause FAQ's

1. Who will be supervising the kids? PTO Parents, Staff, and Student Council Parents. All of our chaperones have completed background checks. We will also have an off-duty officer, as well as a uniformed Parker Police Officer on site.

2. Can My kids leave on their own? All kids will be checked in and given a registration number. You will be given the same number and must present that in order to check your child out.

3. What’s included with registration? Your $15 includes admission to the event, all of the activities, Pizza and a drink.

4. What about speciality foods and prizes? If your kids would like to purchase speciality foods, drinks or shop our store you may purchase additional tickets at the door.  All items will be 1 ticket or $1.00

5. I didn’t pre-register can I still come? We do have a maximum capacity and may sell out but we anticipate being able to take a large group of kids.

6. What if there is an emergency?  Please make sure that when you check in that you leave a current number should we need to contact you.

7. Can I pick up my child early?  You may pick up your child any time before the end of the event however you will not be allowed to go back and find them we will page them to the front.

8.  What if I am late?  All kids must be picked up no later than 9:00 PM.  Any kids left after 9:00 PM will be given puppies and a double shot of espresso!

9. My kids attend BASE can they just come over?  No, we need all kids to be checked in by an adult.

10. We pre-registered and now we can’t go can we get a refund? No refunds will be offered

All kids are expected to follow all DCSD policies and be safe, respectful and responsible
To ensure the safety of all, violators will be sent home

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