Last call!!! No cool gear if you aren't here

Friday is the final day to register for the Bear Crawl and guarantee a super cool t-shirt.  Please support this very important and crazy fun fundraiser for our school.

If you would like to register and pay with a credit card for a small fee you can register


If you would prefer to pay with cash or check please print this form and return it to the school with your payment!


Top 10 Bear Crawl Questions

1.  Do I have to run?

Heck no, we don't care if you are slower than a snail in a hurricane just come on out and do what you want at your pace.

2. Do I have to run through the mud

Well no, but let your hair down and have a little fun, like mama used to say, "a little mud never hurt anyone."

3. Do I have to pay to watch

Nope cheering is free

4. Is there food available to purchase?

You betcha and it is yummy too!  Flippin Flapjacks will be flippin flapjacks all you can eat for just $4 Holy Smokers is has delicious burgers and chicken sandwiches for $5 and Jamba juice will be serving up dessert.

5. How long is the run?

If you run the course twice you just did a 5k, way to go!

6. I am not sure I can make it, can I sign up that day?

Sure but we can't give you a cool t-shirt

7.  What if it rains will the event be canceled?

No way we are playing in the mud anyway.

8.  What if I forget how old I am and hurt myself is there medical staff?

Yep, and don't worry we won't tell anyone how old you are!

9.  Is there a place to clean off?

We will have a new shower station so you can rinse off, but that water is not heated so you won't have a leisurely shower!

10. Why should we participate?

This is an very important fundraiser for our school.  The best part is 100% of the proceeds stay at our school.  That means we have dedicated volunteers working their tails off to make this happen instead of paying a company to run it and take 40% or more.  This really is the most fun you will have this school year!!

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